Pediatric Cardiology

Department Of Pediatric Cardiology

UAIMS Department of Paediatric Cardiology has dedicated, qualified, full-time Paediatric Cardiologist. Comprehensive Prenatal, Neonatal & Paediatric Cardiology management is available under one roof. Specialized Foetal Cardiology councilling is also offered.


Non interventional pediatric cardiology work

  • Neonatal, Pediatric echocardiographies
  • Echocardiography (Both transthoracic TTE and Transesophageal TEE) in adults with congenital heart defects
  • Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) in children with CHD’s
    Fetal Echo and counselling
  • Management of all pre-op Complex CHD patients including cardiac emergencies like cyanotic spells, CHD with heart failure, arrhythmia management.
  • Post-operative CHD patients echocardiography and arrhythmia management


Interventional pediatric cardiology work

  • Device closure procedures like ASD device, PDA device and VSD device
  • Ballooning of aortic valve and pulmonary valve (BAV/BPV)
  • Coarctation stenting and ballooning
  • PDA stenting
  • Ballooning of mitral Valve (BMV)
  • Balloon atrial septostomy (BAS)
  • MAPCA coil closures

All sorts of diagnostic cath procedures for congenital heart diseases like late presenting VSD/ASD/PDA to see operability,TOF, DORV, pre and post BDG shunts before completion of Fontan surgery in case of single ventricle physiologies

Department of pediatric cardiology is headed by Dr Shrikant M Mane, who has dedicated 3 years training as pediatric cardiologist. He is having 5 years of experience in pediatric cardiology field. He did his MBBS from JJ hospital Mumbai, thereafter he completed his post-graduation in pediatrics from Solapur government medical college. He has also worked in Lilavati Hospital Mumbai for 2 years in pediatric department. He secured all India rank 2 in superspecilaity entrance exam after which He completed his superspecilaity Pediatric cardiology course from India’s first pediatric cardiology center i.e. Fortis escorts Hospital, New Delhi.

Pediatric Cardiology Consultants

doctor 82
Dr. Shrikant Mane
MBBS,DCH,DNB, (Paediatrics),DrNB( Paediatric Cardiology)

Flexible appointments and urgent care.

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