How Cancer Starts, Grows and Spreads?

Cancer affects millions of people around the world. It has been the focus of many medical and scientific studies, with increasing progress in understanding how cancer starts, grows, and spreads. In this article, we will explore how cancer develops, from the initial mutation of a single cell to the full-blown spread of cancer cells throughout […]

How Can I Reverse My Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is a complex disease affecting multiple organ systems. It has long been considered an incurable chronic disease. New research now exists that reversal is possible through a combination of aggressive diet and lifestyle changes. Remission can be defined as maintaining sugar levels within normal range without medications for an extended period […]

Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs of Heart Attacks

Chest pain is considered the most common sign of a heart attack. However, heart attacks may present with other symptoms like breathlessness and lightheadedness. A heart attack also differs in severity. It can be mild or severe, depending on the blockage in arteries. Surprisingly, the symptoms of heart attack differ in both men and women. […]

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