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Changing lifestyle is causing rise in Venous diseases. Varicose veins is a major cause for various complaints related to Legs.Varicose Veins is a disease of leg veins which carry impure blood from legs to Heart.

What is Varicose veins? – Pure blood is pumped from heart to all the body organs. Impure blood returns back to heart via Veins. In legs there are valves which prevent backward flow of impure blood . When these valves get damaged there is pooling of impure blood in leg veins leading to various symptoms.

To start with usually the complaints are mild, like dilated visible veins on legs, fatigue or heaviness in calf. Skin discoloration and itching, leg cramps especially at night. Slowly the condition worsens leading to swelling or edema of legs, severe skin pigmentation and ulcer or wounds over lower part or of legs which may ooze fluid. Thrombophlebitis or inflammation of veins is one of the serious complications of untreated varicose veins.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is another serious disease of leg veins where blood clots form in deeper veins & can cause life threatening Pulmonary embolism.

TREATMANT– To prevent complications it is important to detect the disease early. So one must consult a surgeon experienced in the management of Varicose Veins as soon as the initial symptoms occur. Usually the early disease can be managed conservatively without surgery. Certain medicines, proper compression stockings, exercise, weight reduction & lifestyle modification play important role in treatment of early varicose veins. But once the disease is established & complications are anticipated then surgery becomes necessary. There are various types of surgery for varicose veins but Endovenous LASER Treatment (EVLT or EVLA) is the gold standard for this disease. This is a Minimally Invasive procedure with short hospital stay. It is done through small needle punctures without cuts or stitches. World over this has been accepted as the Gold Standard treatment modality.

It has been observed that a Team of experienced Varicose Vein surgeon, expert Radiologist along with good quality LASER machines and a proper Vein Care Infrastructure are needed for good treatment results.

As this disease is notorious for recurrence, it is important to have comprehensive treatment in early stages of disease to get proper results. After treatment one must pursue a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise, balanced diet & weight control to prevent recurrence. Cycling and walking are the best exercises for Varicose veins.

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